Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management (SAM) is a strategic approach to effectively managing software licenses and resources within a company. It encompasses processes, policies, and technologies to control the entire lifecycle of software assets, from procurement to deployment, and usage to disposal.

With SAM, companies can improve control over their software environment, reduce costs, ensure compliance, and optimize software usage. Through comprehensive inventorying and management of software licenses, companies can ensure they acquire and use only the software they need, leading to significant cost savings.

Effective SAM also includes monitoring software usage and conducting license audits to ensure the company complies with its license obligations to software vendors. This helps minimize the risk of license violations and legal consequences.

In addition to cost optimization and compliance, SAM also offers the opportunity to optimize software usage and increase employee productivity. By analyzing software usage data, companies can identify unused licenses and reallocate resources to better meet demand.

Overall, Software Asset Management is an essential tool for companies of all sizes to efficiently manage their software environment, reduce costs, ensure compliance, and optimize software usage.


Software Licensing

Licensing used software is an important aspect of purchasing used licenses. At, we ensure that all offered software licenses are transferred legally and properly.

Our team of experts verifies each license for its legality and completeness to ensure you receive a valid and secure license. We also provide support for licensing questions and transferring software licenses.

Rely on for secure and reliable software licensing. Save costs and use high-quality software products with our used licenses.


Advantages of Used Software

Used software offers cost-effective solutions for businesses and individuals to acquire high-quality software solutions. By purchasing used licenses, you can achieve significant savings compared to purchasing new licenses.

In addition to the financial benefits, used software also offers flexibility and availability. You can quickly acquire and use the software licenses without long delivery times or waiting for the installation of new software.

Software Asset Management (SAM) is crucial to fully leverage the benefits of used software. SAM encompasses strategies, processes, and tools to effectively manage and optimize the entire lifecycle of software licenses.


Used Software Offers

Our offers include a variety of used software for various applications and operating systems. From office software to graphic design tools to operating systems, we offer a wide range of used software solutions at attractive prices.

All our offered software licenses are legal and safe to use. We guarantee a smooth license transfer and provide support for installation and use of the software.

Browse our offers and find the right used software solution for your requirements. Save costs and use high-quality software products with


Software License Audit

A software license audit is an important step in reviewing software licensing in your company. At, we offer professional software license audit services to ensure your software licenses comply with legal requirements and protect your company from unexpected costs and legal issues.

Our experts conduct thorough audits to determine the current license status and identify potential risks. We also provide recommendations for optimizing your software licensing and minimizing costs and risks.

Trust for professional and reliable software license audit services. Contact us today to learn more about our services and protect your company.


Business Software Alliance

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) is an international trade association of software providers. It advocates for the protection of copyrights and the fight against software piracy.

As part of efforts to reduce the use of unlicensed software, BSA offers training and resources for companies to understand and utilize the benefits of Software Asset Management.


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